I'm Jacob, this is my website

There's not much here at the moment, but I have a few pages which might help you with various topics of the COMP1917 course. I also have sample solutions to the practice exam, and some little tricks that might be of use to you. If you have any questions, comments, or requests of content to cover shoot me an email -- jacobm at cse.unsw.edu.au

Revision Tutorial

Hello! If you're interested in doing some 1917 revision before the exam, I'll be holding a revision tutorial at 1pm on Tuesday, 1st November. For now I'll set the location to be Kora lab, end of the hallway on Level 3 of Mechanical Engineering (J17). Depending on how many people show up we may want to change rooms, and I'll update this page if that's the case.

Please bring along questions or topics you're unsure about, because otherwise we'll spend all the time trying to figure out what we should do :)

Revision Tutorial Update!

Sorry for the last minute change; I've moved the room to Flute because there's a few people in Kora and I'd prefer not to disturb people if possible. Same floor, same time, just in Flute (near the lifts) instead.

Revision Youtube Video Note: There may be content in here which is no longer relevant!